Odds Engine

The Odds Engine is a high performance application for odds markets. It is based on the platform, developed for extreme demands on reliability and performance.

Key benefits with the Odds Engine:

High level of flexibility. The system is designed with a large set of functionality for odds markets. It has a modular design, which allows for customer unique adaptations and branding.
Based on a modern yet proven platform. It is currently in production in several demanding, high transactions environments.
Configurable for both exchange and single dealer markets. The application handles the two market structures:
– singe dealer market, i.e. the traditional bookmaker solution, and
– betting exchange, where users may put in back and lay orders and establish the fair market price.
These market structures can be set on a market-by-market basis and be run simultaneously for the same event.
Includes a real-time risk model displaying current exposure. A risk calculation algorithm enables netting over selections within the same market, on a bet-by-bet basis.
Automatic handling of event data and results. Includes a model for automatic as well as manual management of events and results.
Configurable for Live betting in parallel with Ante Post betting.
Includes a thin Web client for end users.
Includes a thick client for administration.
Hardware and software independency. The application is 100% Java-based and runs on most hardware and software platforms as well as with most databases.
Well equipped for integration with third party and legacy systems. The solution includes a well documented open API.
Fully redundant architecture.
Extendable to other underlying events.